#SCE2015 Programme

#SCE2015 Programme


#SCE2015 will focus on data sources, models and technologies. These three elements will be deepened in a series of events:

A . SCENARIOS: keynotes, prospects and visions on global transformation of cities and territories thanks to the enhancement of data

B. PATHS: moments of analysis of processes, leading to two kinds of events: CONFERENCES, occasions of debate on tools and WORKSHOPS, moment of debate on experiences and solutions

C. ACADEMY: 50 minutes of training sessions where attendants can start the transformation and make processes operative, everyone in his own work context

D. CREATIVITY ROOM: a real collaborative working moment among experts of innovation for networks and projects development

E. NETWORKING EVENTS: informal meetings for inspiring, interacting and relaxing…


  1. Data Driven decision. Knowing, deciding and governing the city of data
    Politics for data, data for politics – Permanent Census – Public information heritage and privacy – Big data and visions in complex society – The European strategy for the enhancement of the “public sector information”
  1. Transparent City: Open Data Government
    Data as common good – Data for accountability – The second phase of open data: engagement of citizens, empowerment of public administrations and political endorsement
  1. The senseable city: Internet of Things
    Sensor networks and Decision Support Systems – Remote control and new public utility networks – Citizens as users and producers of data – Crowdsending
  1. The connected city: networks and infrastructures
    Ultra-wideband: strategies, players and enabling services – Applications and impact of Cloud Computing – Optimization of Data Centers
  1. The efficient city: innovating processes for a better allocation of resources
    Electronic bill payment – Digital processes – Programming and financial statement of local authorities – Impact assessment
  1. City of services: the management of data and of information to customize services for citizens and companies

B. Paths

1st path. Data and information flows in metropolitan areas


  • Metropolitan cities: building of strategic plan and opportunities of PON Metro


  • Data for security in cities
  • Soil savings and smart (re)building in cities: projects and technologies for a reuse of public real estate asset
  • Intelligent Transportation System: mobility of people and goods in smart cities

2nd path. A better use of data for better services


  • Health and data: quality, policies assessment, system sustainability  
  • Resilient city: collecting, sharing and analyzing data for territory and environment security
  • Networks and services of public utility as producers and users of public data


  • The Electronic Patient Record towards E-Health
  • Data and sentiment analysis for digital tourism
  • Mobile Payment & e-Commerce in smart cities
  • Geographical Information System: geographic data as asset for the development of territories

3rd path. New opportunities, new technologies and new skills for the “data revolution”


  • New skills and new “professions” into the data world
  • The right to protection of personal data into a hyper-connected society


  • The management of personal identity and the integration with databases: how is it possible to put citizens in the center?
  • Questions and answers: tools and technologies for the storage and management of data
  • Social media sentiment analysis

4th path. The knowledge as critical factor for the development of local economies


  • 4th Edition of “I city Rate”: we measure the smartness of Italian Cities
  • Better together: Investing on Social capital - con Robert D. Putnam
  • Open data and start up


  • Business Intelligence: the use of public data as competitiveness factor
  • Smart working in smart city
  • Sharing Economy platforms: shared and collaborative city
  • Enabling platforms: civic crowfunding
  • Innovation public procurement in local authorities
  • National Operational Programme for Research and Innovation

C. Academy

The conference program is focused open data in an urban context. The program is realized in collaboration with experts and “experimenters” on different points of view.
Here some themes to which training sessions will be dedicated:

  • Social reputation analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Tools for reuse of Open Data
  • Development of open source platform
  • Open Data and Social Network
  • Open Data in schools
  • Civic Hacking and Collaborative mapping
  • Next Future design
  • Data Journalism
  • Open Street map
  • Data and new skills for Public Administration

D. Creativity Room

The collaborative work is at the center of the program of #SCE2015 / Citizen Data Festival: from the focus on participated city and on the passage from information to citizens’ empowerment, to the first meeting of Local Councilors for Innovation which will debate on how to build a real network of projects to make cities a real driver for innovation.